Now Showing Item Blown Away

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Now Showing Item Blown Away

I recorded 3 shows yesterday...ER, CSI and one was an auto record from Tivo (a feature I subsequently disabled last night).

We watched CSI and I deleted it afterwards (via delete prompt that appears after a show is finished). I verified that ER was still in the list and so was the Tivo Recommendation.

I enabled grouping.
I recorded 2- 5minute snippits
I went to bed

This morning I went to delete the 2 snippits as a test of another problem I'm having and noticed that ER was missing. Missing / Dropping Season Passes will get me shot by my family.

Checked the undelete section of Tivowebplus and it wasn't there either.

Thanks for any idea on this one.

PS. If anyone else out there got last nights episode and is willing to share pls let me know.