RCA DVR40 Guide Navigation Problem

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I recently purchased PTVnet and InstantCake for my RCA DVR40.  I performed a drive upgrade using a spare Maxtor200gb drive I had.  Everything went smoothly, the USB ports worked, my local channels came in the following morning, etc.  However, before the upgrade when I would navigate to the top of the onscreen TV guide, I would press the up arrow and it would only rotate the guide up one line at a time.  After the upgrade, when I press the up arrow it scrolls up as if I were "paging up" (approx. 10 lines at a time).  I would like to know if anyone knows how stop it from "paging up" I preferred navigating my menus one line at a time.  On a side note, I did enable the HMO options by applying the "Superpatch". Could this have caused my guide navigation to act as if it was paging up or down at the tops and bottoms of my guide when I press the arrow up or down?