Rebuilt TiVo wont change channels

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Rebuilt TiVo wont change channels


My TiVo hard drive recently bit the dust so I replaced the drive and Caked it.  I have a series 2 DVR from TiVo.

Everything worked fine - I ran the guided setup and have downloaded all of the programming updates from TiVo.

The only problem is TiVo only show me channel 3.  It looks like it is changing channels, and even the program information banner changes to the correct information for that channel.  But the net result is still channel 3.  Similarly, if I set TiVo to record a specific program - the timing is right but the channel is always 3.

I have checked and rechecked all of my cabling to the box.  I am sending cable directly from the wall, before any other cable box, DVD or device of any kind.

I am only left with the software to blame.  Any ideas?  Thanks.