Sata Drives from HD Tuners

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i'm wondering if there is a way to plug the hdd from an HD DVR Satallite tuner into your computer. i've got several hdd's from directTV dvr's and all of the IDE's are fine to put into a regular computer and access as a normal drive. however on the new HD DVR's they use 320gb sata hdd's and those seem to be protected in some way. i've tried multi computers and both direct connect preboot and via esata after boot. preboot. it seems to try and boot the drive and all i get is a black screen with a blue line accross the top. when i connect after boot it typically either locks the computer or forces a reboot.

i've not been able to find anything about this and was wondering if anyone had a suggestion on how to get around that. btw i have 2 of these sata drives. both are WD3200JS