Stuck on welcome powering up after slicer upgrade

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Hey All


I got a DSR7000 (2 drives hacked for more space)  that i had networked with PTVnet, everything has been working fine on it. I checked that I had the 6.2 slices on it and decided to purchase the slicer for upgrading it.

I loaded the slicer with FTP and then telneted to the tivo and went thru the whole proccess following the propmpts with no issues. Once it was done and asked for a reboot I did so. and now the tivo is stuck in the "welcome powering up" mode. it's been over 1 hour so im pretty sure it's busted.

 Is there anything I can do to recover it? I dont have a serial cable handy but I am able to get the drives out of the box.

What are my options? I do have TONS of recordings that I like to save if possible.