SVR-2000 will not boot - please help!

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SVR-2000 will not boot - please help!

I ran instant cake on this dvr about 2 or 3 years ago and everything has been fine.

Recenlty I noticed that the tivo would freeze up and what ever picture was on the tv would be frozen as well. I was able to correct this in the past by power cycling the dvr and everytihg would be fine...

This started happenin more and more often, almost everyday. Well it finally does not want to boot. I am stuck at the please wait while your tivo starts screen and it will not pass.

I took the drive out and placed it in my pc as 2nd master and the cd-rom as prim master but instant cake wants me to get a bigger hard drive.

Before I run out and buy another hdd (do I have to do this) I would like to know if anyone has experienced this before? Could it be the dvr? I have a cache card in there that seems to be functioning, there is a led on it. Could it just be a bad hdd, or installation? Is there a way I can re-use this drive and not have to buy another one - it is not the stock drive...

Thank you!

I guess nobody here knows how

I guess nobody here knows how to fix this either?

sounds like you have a bad

sounds like you have a bad hard drive - you can verify this by running the manufacturer's diagnostics on the drive - if it passes, then the problem is something else, and if it fails, then you can get a new one...

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much!