is there any use at all for a dead series 1 tivo?

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i have a dead series 1 tivo that i ground scored.  no clue what the subscription is/was and it will not power up. its an old school phillips model. i swapped the power unit and seeing some signs of life. 

before i tear it apart and work on modifying the case to maybe fit a mini-atx size motherboard in there to build a homebrew myth/sage/freevo-

is there any practical use for this series 1 unit that i'm not seeing on these fourms?

i did some searching for 'dead tivo uses' and it seems without a subscription it is useless as a tivo unit. however maybe i missed a thread about using it as a slave drive or some hack that makes it a tivo again?

or is it just a boat anchor?  

thanks for reading, sorry if this question has been asked before!