TiVo constant reboots and getting hung up

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TiVo constant reboots and getting hung up

My Toshiba RS-TX20 was getting hung up at the Welcome Screen this week for the first time. After a while, I realized it was rebooting almost every hour. Yikes!

Went to the TiVo and Community forums and saw I was not alone. But it is not true - misery does not love company. Yeah, I have that new software that seems to be the concern. Here is some of the key info about my machine:

Software version: 7.2.2b-oth-01-2-565
TiVo Service Level: C:060806
DVD Drive Firmware: DVD-RW DVR-108RZ 1.15
Next service connection: (Approximately every 2 hours)
Service Map Version: 16:TIVOPVR SpigotMap
Guide View Cache:
Cache to: No Cache:
Status: Awaiting first run since ... (Always the latest startup time) BTW, I have gone to look at program listings, Now Playing, Pick a Program to record, etc., to try and see if this started the cache, but there has not been any change.
VCM Connection:
Next scheduled: (Seems to be approximately 30-45 minute intervals) And just what is a VCM connection? What's it all about, Alfie?

I do not have a DVD in the unit. It is connected to an APC UPS to minimize any problems with power outages and spikes.

I have not installed any hacks since I really don't know how to do it and exactly what good they are.

Nothing else has been done to the unit.

I read all sorts of posts on this all over the place, in all the forums. I forced the system to connect to the TiVo service and it did download the information apparently okay at the beginning.

I continued to search as to why the unit kept rebooting. Thought I had all sorts of answers and solutions. But none of them seemed to work. The system was still rebooting and on occasion getting hung up at the Welcome Screen, or Almost There.

I told the system to connect via the phone line instead of the USB network adapter. I was doing that because now it was coming back with an S03 error when it was trying to load the data. After 3 reboots in-between, it did complete the connection and the loading. I think.

Then, reading another post about how to try and get into the diagnostics as the system was booting up, I figured I'd do a manual restart. I also thought to myself ... "Mark, maybe there is a problem with your To Do list, etc. Why not get rid of it and try and have a cleaner startup process?"

So as I was choosing to restart, I also chose the "Clear program information & To Do List." Pressed Thumbs Down 3 times and then enter.

That was now almost 20 hours ago. The message on the screen is that the system is still trying to clear the program information and the To Do list and it will take about an hour. In Vulcan time maybe.

I read in one of the posts that you can try and do a scan of the hard drive if you can catch the system as it is booting up. I know that it probably refers to a pure Series 2 machine and that mine is a Toshiba DVD unit. But it is running Series 2 software.

In any event, I was not able to get the system to stop the startup process by pressing the Pause key on the remote. (Could it be that the remote has a different address than factory configured because I have so many remotes that it did not read the Pause? Or could it be that the directions on how to do it came out in 2004 long before this latest software update?)

And since I have been able to watch programs in between the reboots, and it has started recording programs in between the reboots, neither function being allowed to complete because the reboot took charge, I don't think it is the hard drive.

Any help or guidance is most appreciated - truly appreciated.