Tivo Remote is not working

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Tivo Remote is not working

I recently replaced the hard drive on my series 2 Tivo and afterward my remote does not work.  My tivo is a model 24008A and I used the instantcake-IC2-TCD240-7.2.0-oth-01-2-140.iso.zip image. 

 I have tried all the remote resets that are listed on the Tivo website and had a new remote shipped to me.  I also checked the connection of the white ribbon cable that connects the IR sensor board to the main board.  

The unit will power up and get to the home screen but the remote does nothing.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.   

You might get more help for

You might get more help for your problem by posting your question on either tivocommunity.com or remotecentral.com.