Trying to set up a stork web-cam

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Trying to set up a stork web-cam

Hey there.

I may ask something that was already asked here, sorry for that.


Storry in short: we have a stork nest near the caffe-pub we are running. We also have a web-cam placed above the nest, sending the feed to a DVR. The thing is that we want to put the feed onto our web-site.

The problem starts when we log in to the web-cam/DVR remotely. We always log in to the administration site of the DVR. I made another user with limited privileges only to remote live view. And still no use, we see not only the live feed, but the whole ActiveX pade of the DVR.

The DVR has no apparent name, just DVR H.264.

We have static IP address, all of the ports opened.

Anybody any ideas?

thank you!