Upgrade went PERFECT... Now if I can get the local channels back...

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Upgrade went PERFECT... Now if I can get the local channels back...

Model: Hughes HDVR2 Software: 6.2a-01-2-151 Upgrade with InstantCake and PTV mods went smoooooth... Everything is back, including the guide and it's contents. Now, I just need to solve the missing DTV local channels. Can anyone help? thanks.

mr_skot : 

mr_skot : 

Just went through replacing a Series 1 SAT-T60 with a Series 2 SD-DVR40 - called 1-800-DirecTV to get the existing card transferred to the new unit (no problem at all there) and for help enabling Dual-Tuner (I had forgotten it was a 'Settings' thing) and asked about the local channels as they didn't show initially - he said it'd take 12 - 24 hours for the unit to catch up but that he'd tickle the software to make sure they showed up - overnight they showed up.

Success story - Hughes SD-DVR40 obtained from a friend (free)
Added the complete TwinBreeze® TiVo Upgrade Bracket from weaknees.com http://www.weaknees.com/tbcomp.php 
Replaced stock 40 GB HDD with 2 X 200 GB PATA Seagates
Added PTVNet & InstantCake 6.2a-01-2-351 from DVRUpgrade.com http://www.dvrupgrade.com/dvr/stores/1/index.cfm 
Added NetGear FA120 USB 2.0 Fast Ethernet (wired) network adapter
All worked as advertised & now have a Series 2 with almost 400 hours of recording capacity. WOO HOO ! ! !

They are back. Spent some

They are back. Spent some time goofing with the Telnet and FTP options and figured I'd sleep on it overnight. Woke up this morning and PRESTO CHANGO, all local channels are back! So another success story in the making. Went from the stock 35 hours to over 120 of recording time. Now to figure out the HMO and MRV options.

From a sticky I posted in

From a sticky I posted in another forum on this board:

I just upgraded my DirecTiVo, and my local channels are gone!

Just call DirecTV and have them restore them (it will take less than a minute).