Weird file issues

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I just built a 80gb Maxtor drive using InstantCake 6.2 for a Hughes DVR-40. The unit boots up and seems to work fine. I added a FA120 eth adapter, and a Linksys gaming adapter to bridge over wireless. Netwrok came up fine. I can get a bash shell prompt ok, but file permissions seem weird. My next step was going to be to do the script to customize things, so I ftp the file from my server to the tivo, all succeeds... but wait - in the bash shell I cant see the file. Sooooo back to WS_FTP, change to the directory, do a DIR and its there, 5058bytes....... so I try a few other places and same results..... any file I transfer over I cannot see (while using the shell on the tivo), same for directory structures I build. Any ideas? I've built 3 other boxes that have worked perfectly so far.