The Bourne Ultimatum

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The Bourne Ultimatum

This one was worth more than the price of admission. The fight scenes and the dialogue were the definite highlights. For those who had a problem with the shaky camera style in the previous films, it's still there in this one.

The fight scenes were nice,

The fight scenes were nice, but it was great to have some resolution on his history and how he got to be the way he was.

Not that I didn't like the

Not that I didn't like the last two Bourne movies - I did, and very much so.  However, they had absolutely nothing to do with the Ludlum books.  None of the characters (except Bourne himself), none of the scenarios, none of the locations, none of the intracacies, etc. found in the books made it to the screen.  The movies had totally different story lines.  I've never come across this before and don't know why it was done, or why Ludlum and the Ludlum estate permitted it. 

I do believe that the Bourne Supremacy, if filmed AS WRITTEN, would make a great TV miniseries.  I hope that one of the movie networks such as HBO would do this someday.   There's enough action and background - real background - in the books to satisfy anyone, especially the passionate Bourne fans.  It would probably have to be a six or eight hour project.

Anyone else who read the books who would agree?