Remakes: Has Hollywood Run Out of Ideas?

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Remakes: Has Hollywood Run Out of Ideas?

I posted a blog entry about the new Omen. While I actually enjoyed that one, most remakes I've seen lately suck, especially Poseidon

I wouldn't say that Hollywood

I wouldn't say that Hollywood has run out of ideas entirely. Eventually, a creative writer comes along and puts together a movie or story that, though could be similar to others in some respects, is different in its own unique way. The remakes and sequels are there to repeat the magic of original ideas and keep new movies coming, mostly because a Matrix doesn't come around all that often. Plus, new original concepts are a risk for movie studios, especially considering how much movies cost to make these days.

I wouldn't say all remakes and sequels are bad though.  Off the top of my head, here are a few that I've enjoyed:

Ocean's Eleven
Peter Jackson's King Kong
X-Men 2
Batman Begins (Though this is more of a prequel)
Star Wars Episode III
Mission Impossible 2