Added new drive have a ?????

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Do Maxtors run a lot!!

I added a maxtor 120mb to my HDVR2. I used Instacake this time.....As they say "a piece of cake". Everthing is working great but I have a couple of questions:

Q1. The drive seems to be running a this normal for Maxtors?... my other Hdvr2's drive is really quiet (I did purchase a drive from Lou & Co and it is a lot quieter than the one I did myself(maxtor).

Q2. I would like to find an automatic way to upgrade my other Hdvr2....Is InstantCake automatic (I mean just plug everything in and boot the puter, Instacake does everthing else!?!).
A2 - YES it is automatic, just hook up your new drive to your computer (as per instructions), answer a question or two and your on your way, nothing else to do..InstaCake does it all!! I had no problems
Q3. Is it better to add a drive or replace with a larger drive?

Q4. In the long run is it better to just buy a drive already done and put that one in the Tivo?..If so what is the best drive to buy??

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