Best place to read up on tweaking TivoWeb?

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Best place to read up on tweaking TivoWeb?

I'm looking to modify some of the TivoWeb content... I've successfully installed vserver and it shows up in the hackman menu. Unfortunately I didn't do something right because I have to start mfs_ftp and vserver manually via telnet. no biggie as the Tivo doesnt ever need to be restarted, just a minor inconvenience. What I am curious about is the fact that "whats on" doesnt seem to work too well. Or maybe I'm confused on how it works?Looks like everything else is fine, again this instant cake is just genius. I just cringe at the thought of compiling kernels etc.

Also can't find a comprehensive list of modules (the link I keep seeing is dead).

And where can I find more theme files?
thanks again