Cannot get past Welcome Power screen!

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I have tried three seperate drives and all loaded fine with IC. When I place them in the Tivo (GXCEBOT) and power the system up all I get is the Welcome. Powering Up... screen and nothing else. All three drives spin up and sit idle with no change. i have left it overnight and still the same results. I lost my original image so i can not tell if it is the image causing the issue. One common thing is all the tried drives are Western Digitals.

I have had this unit working with one of the drives before. I have installed some of the old hacks too in the past. Some of which I do think upgraded the Tivo firmware... if that is the correct term. Is this an issue? The IC version I used states 310c2 if this helps.

So basically I am stuck. Can not get past the power up screen with three different drives, checked ribbon cable, jumpers and all. Any ideas, please?!