Confused about mfs_export... help please..

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I'd like to try a different "ripper" program, and not use ExtractStream anymore, because I believe it is the cause of my problems (shows past 30 minutes do not extract properly.) I found mfs_export on the internet, and installed it on the TiVO. It appears to run correctly. I was wonder though how to get TivoApp to use it instead of ExtractStream. I know the latest version of TivoApp has a user-definable box for the extractor, and that mfs_export -s is in there.. however, anytime I use "mfs_export -s" or just plain "mfs_export", the program extracts the stream to the hard drive of the TiVO with the FSID as the filename! It generates the file until it runs out of space (around 150 megs). So no data is actually getting channeled through NC to my PC. What is the proper procedure for using mfs_export ? I'd be most appreciative if anyone could help me out.

Also, should I even be using mfs_export? I've heard from a lot of people that mfs_stream is the best for getting streams off of a TiVO. But where do I get this program, and how do I use it?


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