Could you have a Un-Success Section too

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Could you have a Un-Success Section too

Seriously, it might help for those to read before they begin. I tried to set up a brand new HR10-250 by adding a 300 gig to it. Burning the Cd and booting seemed to go ok and it said it added the space on the screen. After carefully puting the two drives back into the Tivo (30 years experiance as a computer hardware/software engineer) the unit stuck at the "Welcome, Powering up" screen forever. Nothing I did could recover the unit.

As you said, no warrenties, beware! that sure helps a lot now. Hope Tivo sends my box back soon.

If we had another section where we could show the step-by-steps we took that FAILED... maybe others could read that and avoid the same tradegy. Just a thought.

Next time I will try again but I don't really see where all the "simple" steps went wrong, something did I'm sure. I have a hunch I triggered something in the Tivo boot process that it didn't like and now it is in "hacker defense mode" and won't try any more... who knows.