Green Screen of Death after Upgrading Hard Drive

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Green Screen of Death after Upgrading Hard Drive


 I was wondering if someone could please help me.  I'm pulling all of my hair out, trying to get my Tivo to work.  I'm a newbie to Tivo, and so far my experience has not been all that pleasant.

 I recently purchased a new hard drive to replace the old one in my Tivo. (Seagate Barracuda 320GB).  I have installed the Instant Cake software for my Tivo (Model 240040).  The cake seems to bake successfully, but I cannot get my Tivo to boot up properly.  It first goes to the "Welcome" screen, then goes to the Tivo screen that says "we're almost there, just a few more minutes....".  After about 15 seconds or so, it goes to a Green Screen of Death.  The GSoD seems to display for about 5 to 10 seconds, then the Tivo reboots, and starts the whole process over again.


I have searched the forums, and have tried everything from ensuring that the jumper is set to CS when the HDD is in the Tivo to entering different msftools commands when baking the cake, but nothing has worked so far.  Does anyone have any ideas at all?  Should I be formatting the hard drive to a Fat 32 file system?  Is this even possible on a 320GB hard drive?  I have tried to create a 5GB Fat 32 partion, but I had the exact same problem.  Maybe my problem is not even HDD related.  If anyone has any suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated!


Thank You. 

See if you can find the hard

See if you can find the hard drive manufacturer's low level scan software and run it.

The GSOD means that there is a problem in the Tivo file system and it is attempting to repair it. This usually means that there are some bad sectors on the disk.

You also might want to download your InstantCake image again and burn it to a new CD. 

You definitly do not want to boot windows while the drive is connected to your PC. Windows writes a new boot sector to the drive, that prevents your Tivo from reading it. 

Thanks for the reply Bruce! 

Thanks for the reply Bruce!  I'm on my way out for the day, but I'll definately try some of your suggestions when I get a chance.

I have now got it working. 

I have now got it working.  Thanks Bruce!



It is surprising how many hard drives are sold with bad sectors these days.

Glad to help.