Guide to "reset" original TIVO hard drive bootpage


Could someone please guide me to the correct line command to return my original TIVO hard drive's factory settings as far as bootpage, etc...? I do NOT want to format the hard drive. I just am not able to figure out the proper command to undo the foulup I caused by following the 4.x guide on WEETHet. I am basically trying to return the hard drive to it's "original" ( meaning BEFORE I used MFS tools on it) settings. I must have mistyped a command somewhere in the process and now the hard drive gets stuck in the "Powering up" loop. I have recordings I wish to preserve, so, I would like to know if it is possible to undo my newbie mistake. My ultimate goal is to copy the hard drive entirely to a new, larger hard drive.

Thank you for any assistance anyone can give me.