"Illegal MPG video/audio stream". Why?

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"Illegal MPG video/audio stream". Why?

I just recorded over 100 twilight zone episodes on my SD40 Tivo (upgraded to new 120gig HD with PTVUpgrade software), pulled them over to my PC using TyTool, multiplexed them to MPG, and am trying to burn them to DVD.

I noticed that even though ALL of the videos play fine within Windows Media Player and WinAmp (namely because I have run the TyDirectShow application to register that video codec), a few videos report "Illegal MPG audio/video stream" when I pull them into my DVD authoring programs such as Roxio, DVD Styler, TmpEngc, etc. I've checked the "corrupted" mpg's with DeStream just to make sure their internal attributes match all the others, and they do. I also used MPEG Parser to analyze the bad files, and sure enough it reports thousands of "Find not formatted stream or data..." followed by the file position in bytes. Eventually it dies due to lack of memory to store all the error lines! The non-corrupted files scan just fine.

Any ideas what is different about these MPG's that decoders other than Windows Media Player don't like? And what caused these errors in some of the files? Is it possible that TyTool (or the hacked Tivo software that removes the encryption) sometimes wacks important data within the file that most MPG software applications need?

Another option might be to play the corrupted videos through Windows Media Player, and capture the audio and video to a new MPG file via a separate program . I've tried several DirectShow filter capture programs, but I can't seem to get them to work.

Yet another option might be to find a DVD Authoring program that recognizes the DirectShow codec like Media Player and WinAmp? Any ideas which one can do this? The closest I've come is MPG Video Wizard DVD, which authored the DVD successfully. However, when playing back the problem MPEG, I get stuttering, frame drop, pixelation and other nastiness. I'm currently trying to use TMPGEnc Source Creator to convert the MPEG for me, but it will take 3+ hours to convert the 30 minute video. I'll report back once it's done.