InstantCake and Series 3

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InstantCake and Series 3

Cooked a Seagate 750gb DB drive for a S3 with InstantCake.  Everything went fine with two exceptions.

 1. Although the drive stats on the PC with InstantCake shows the increase in capacity, the TIVO does not even after a "Clear and Delete".

 2.  Also am getting junk on the screen every 6-7 seconds when in a menu.  Appears to be in the software (data) that was cooked.  The junk is not on the TV screens, only on some of the menus.

 Help and comments would be appreciated as to what next steps would help.


I have this same problem 100%

I have this same problem 100%.  Instacake tells me it's completed successfully with my Seagate 750GB, but the TiVo series 3 doesn't see that capacity after a clear and delete.

I am also getting video junk appearing on the menu screens randomly as the OP did.