mfsrestore to a smaller drive?

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mfsrestore to a smaller drive?

I'm pretty new to the hacking game here, but after what seems like months of study and monitoring the forums I'm making good progress. Until now.

DirecTiVo Series 2 DSR7000
√ - upgrade from 40GB -> 250GB (WD)
√ - TiVo online & networked (slam dunk thanks to the PTVnet kit, PROPS!)
√ - Static IP applied, TWP rox
todo's - add other cool utils & features

The upgraded drive is just a tad too noisy (seeks) for the bedroom DVR where it's installed. And quite honestly it's a little too much for SD recordings, especially when I've got a HR10-250 in the wings begging to be enhanced. So yesterday I scored a pretty good deal at OD on a Seagate 160GB ($56 A/R).

This is where I'm a little pinched. I would like to move the OS, settings, hacks and [optionally] the recordings to the new, smaller drive. mfsrestore simply is not going to let me get away with it... reports the target drive is not large enough. I've played with the various flags (no man pages :( on the boot CDROM) for both backup & restore with no success. From what I'm reading in the von Hagen book, the mfsrestore simply reads the partition maps embedded in the backup stream.

Are there any other options available to have my backup dynamically resized to fit the new smaller disk? (backup reports the uncompressed image is 60.4GB total, so there should be plenty space on the target). My only other option is to start back at square 1 with the original [shelved] disk.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated,