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Newby looking for advice

I’m looking to expand the hard drive space on my DirecTV TIVO.


After an exhaustive ½ hour of research on the internets I’m thinking the easiest path is to swap out my hard drive for a larger one. 


I don’t really need to save my settings, season pass list or recorded shows and I hear adding a second drive is a more complicated procedure.


I’m not too tech savvy.  Swapping out internal CD\DVD burners on my PC is the limit of my experience.


Is getting a preformatted drive from weaKnees, PTVupgrade or the best way to go?  Do you have any suggestions who to purchase from?  Who to avoid?  Any deals out there?


Are there any good websites with a clear concise outline of the entire procedure?

On a separate note, does anyone know of a good landfill that will take my recently purchased DirecTV DVR?

Thanks in advance,


Rick on this website check

Rick on this website check your reciever model against what software is available, for example if your reciever model is R10 then instant cake will allows you install large dirve but no networking. I installed a 320G on my reciever that allows 300 hours of recording. We were all new to this stuff and learned you can do it too, but the joy is once you learned how to do this you can always install new drives and redo it if something goes wrong . let me know if I can help

Thanks for the response, foxx

Thanks for the response, foxx. 

I went ahead and ordered a preformatted 250gb drive from WeaKnees ($159) for my Hughes HDVR2.  Formatting the drive myself just didn't seem cost effective.  Call me a wimp.

I'm not going to attempt networking yet but will definitely check back here if I do in the future.