post upgrade guide data issues

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post upgrade guide data issues

40 gig 540 s 2 single tuner.

Finaly got aroung to upgradign my beloved tivo with some more drive space .. using a 750 gig 7200 baracuda pata drive.

Instacake seemed to bake it just fine .. 

Installed drive ... c&de ( took almost 3 hours ) .. guide setup .. connect .. download .. system update .. restart .. c&de once more .. numerious forced connections .. numerious reboots .. clear guide data .. reboot .. download ..( ect )

and for some reason it will complain about guide data has run out. 

can someone perhaps point me at the button to fix this .. preferable before I throw the old 40g back in and just forget this idea. 

Not a newbie to computers at all. So even a comment like 'edit the params dd uses to write the inital image' would work for me.

Kinda frustrating. Ive had the pile of drive and cd on my desk now for a while but FINALY got a chance to do the upgrade .. and now my tvio is not so happy 


Any ideas ??