PTVlba48 Boot CD version 4.01 Release Notes and Support Discussion

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This is the standard PTVupgrade LBA48 boot CD which includes the following:

  • Native LBA48 kernel for handling of >137GB hard drives

  • MFStools 2.0

  • Toshiba/Pioneer 'unlock' util

  • CopyKern kernel transplant utility for Series1 units; modified TiVo kernels

  • BusyBox 1.0 Environment

Enhanced version (DD) includes:

  • Support for NST-framework (emerging standard for auto-installation of 3rd party plug-ins)

  • InstantCake Baker's Helper -- script runs from this LBA48 CD; allows you to use your existing InstantCake
    CD as source of install. This may be useful to those who wish to install LBA48 Series2 Kernels after imaging with InstantCake

  • killhdinitrd exclusively licensed for use and redistribution by PTVupgrade; can be used to modify Series2 kernels for use in conjunction
    with LBA48, USB networking modifications, etc

  • Several killhdinitrd modified Series2 kernels useful for advanced techniques