Series2 DirecTV Networking with the PTVnet DIY CD - READ THIS FIRST

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The PTVnet DIY CD is available for networking *select* Series2 DirecTV TiVo units running versions 3.1.1e and 6.2 of the TiVo system software, as well as the HR10-250 HDTV DirecTV TiVo running 3.1.5f. For full product descriptions, please see this thread for the 6.2 version and this thread for the older 3.1.1e version and this thread for the new HR10-250 HDTV version.

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As always, we offer PTVnet hard drive kits which come pre-configured and ready to install in your unit. No software or computer experience is necessary. More information on PTVnet hard drive kits can be found here; thank you for your support!