Similar problems to successful update

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I also ran Instant cake 6.2 and netptv 6.2 but I am having some strange problems. I first set my IP address to static My other three Tivos are on, 42, and 44. Things still looked good. Then I ftp'd ove superpatch..7 and, pair. This version kicked out a message that superpatch did not support 6.2. So I ran superpatch..67 and set name. This completed with normal messages. I re-booted but did not see hmo or any changes to the Now Showing screens as I see on my other units. Next I sent ove tserver and NowShowing.tcl. NowShowing won't run, I get not valid file or directory. echo $PATH shows reasonable results. And monitoring via the console does not show any error messaages during the boot up sequence.

Maybe too many late late nights trying to get this done, but it is driving me a little nuts. Besides searching Dealdatabase, any suggestions?