Stuck on welcome powering up on series 2 after instant cake

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Stuck on welcome powering up on series 2 after instant cake

 Hi.  I was given a tivo series 2 today that was picked up from a pawn shop. 
The model number is tcd649080.  When I plugged it in it was stuck on the welcome
screen.  I immediatly thought bad hard drive and then when I opened it up, it
had NO hard drive.  I am guessing whoever pawned it took it out before the sale or I guess it could have a bad motherboard after reading some things online but it sounded more like the hard drive...
I bought and downloaded the following file.

I did a sucessful bake on a USED NON NEW 80 gig drive I had using the one drive option. 
Now when I put it in my tivo it is still stuck on the welcome powering up screen.  I've read I
should set the jumpers on the new drive to the same as the drive you are
removing.  Since I didn't have the original drive that was in it, I didn't know what it was set as.     So i've tried cable select and master on this drive and it's still not working.  Any tips.  I
really didn't want to buy a NEW drive until I made sure it wasn't anything else. 
I work on PC's for a living and have a lot of drive laying around so I grabbed
an 80.  I can't see why a used drive would be an issue but i did read a few posts where it said always use new which I didn't get.  I ran all the drive tests and found nothing wrong with it.  Is there anything else I can try or any way I can tell if this cake was done correctly other then the message saying its done?  Is there anyway I can tell if it's the board that is bad?  I am going to try a new ide cable tonight.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I really want to get this working so I can replace my 7 or 8 year old series one I have. 




I believe the jumper needs to

I believe the jumper needs to be set to master.

I can think of two other possible causes of your problem.

1. The drive your are trying to use may not be large enough. I am not familiar with your particular, but I do know that InstantCake requires a slightly larger drive than the original.

2. You also could have a problem with your power supply. If I remember correctly, you can also get stuck on the Welcome screen with power supply problems.

How big is big? I am using

How big is big? I am using an 80gig and I've read that others have used an 80. I also had wondered about the power supply. I just hate to spend 70 bucks or so on a power supply when you can get a new tivo for 150.

You have a much better chance

You have a much better chance of getting good information on

The maker of InstantCake now runs that site and since they also perform Tivo repairs, he should be able to tell you what size drives can be used in your model.