Suggestions for Linux-based question

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Suggestions for Linux-based question

If I have an original drive (complete with Season Passes, Preferences, and Recordings) that will not boot due to some unknown software error after using my InstantCake CD, can someone please direct me to a forum that may possibly contain some linux-based information on how to copy files from one harddrive to another? I know that even if the bootpage, etc, is erroneous in some way, the harddrive is still functional and the recordings have not been erased. There has to be a way to recover those recordings.

I have received a suggestion that I should send the drive in for a Recertification (which I would LOVE to do), however, the information about recertifications refers to a "working, unmodified harddrive".

I would gladly pay for a "Gold" recertification if it would preserve my recordings.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.