Telnet Problem on Series 2 TiVo

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Telnet Problem on Series 2 TiVo

Iv'e just loaded all the utilities from the Jenkins CD and when I try to Telnet into my TiVo its telling me that ( Could not open the connection on port 23 )

Iv'e checked my Linksys Router....and ive got port 23 passing my TiVo IP address, and I can also ping my TiVo without any problems.

Now....the only problem I had during the Jenkins install was that I was able to setup dir 4, 7 & 9 as needed....but could only mount 7 & 9 ?? In the Jenkins instructions...he speaks of this problem if 4 would not mount and to just ignore it and setup everything to dir 7 and it should still boot fine and connect ??

Any thoughts on this problem ??

Thanks for any input and help !!