Tivo reboot loop after disk install

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Tivo reboot loop after disk install

I'm reposting this here because I accidently put this in the wrong category...

I've installed disk upgrades from 9th tee before and had no problems. This time I installed a 156 hour upgrade for a TCD240040A. (Order #1877-4934-0748)

The installation seemed to go fine. The instructions matched what I saw exactly. But upon power-up the unit will get to the Tivo graphic--a few minutes more--and then after about 20 seconds, it will reboot. This continues forever.

I checked all connections on the upgrade and on the existing ribbon cables. Both drives were running, all cables were tight with correct orientation. Even tried a different IDE cable.

I removed the upgrade drive, changed the jumper back on the original drive, and put the original IDE cable back. It booted fine that time.

Put the upgrade back in, set the jumper, replaced the IDE cable, and had the same problem.

I double checked the jumper settings. The original Maxtor drive has the jumper as Master after the upgrade. The secondary Samsung drive has no jumper.

Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong?

Thanks for the help.

Jim L.

Details: The upgrade drive is a Samsung SP1604N and has the following had-written on it:
S2A32 01120S