Upgrade DirecTV RCA DVR40 vs Buy DirecTV HR10-250 HDTV TiVo

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I have tried using the PTVupgrade email contact method and so far no response - holiday, gone skiing? Maybe this will work.

I have a DirecTV RCA DVR40 Series 2 Tivo unit and was planning on upgrading the drive and getting the advantage of more space and network access. It's not entirely clear on the web site whether or not adding a drive gives you networking (seems like it does not) vs replacing a drive, which clearly does.

Then the question is, should I buy a DirecTV HR10-250 HDTV TiVo instead since I already have HD access on my Hughes dish, and have an HD ready TV? The next question is, will I get networking with the basic model at $649, or do I need to move up to the $899 PTVNet option, and does that option include networking, or do I have to add one of the replacement drives?

Also, will the Tivo Desktop software work with PTVupgrade networked unit?