Upgrade while keeping recordings Question

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Upgrade while keeping recordings Question

I'm wondering if anyone can help me with an upgrade issue I'm having. Here's the background:

Phillips DSR7000 Dtivo running standard DTV 6.2 software. The only modification was that I added two 160 gb Maxtor Hdd's about 1.5 years ago using MFStools 2.0 non-lba48 cd. At the time was running 3.x software so only 137 Gb per Hdd were used/recognized.

Curent issue - I'm trying to upgrade my current 160 ( 137 ) Gb drives to two new Maxtor 250 Gb drives while keeping all the current season passes ( small deal ) and recordings ( big deal ). I'm using the PTVupgrade LBA48 CD 4.01 ( default boot no byteswap ). According to the Hinsdale upgrade guide, in order to save recordings on a dual drive system you have to copy one drive at time ( old A to new A ) before you can expand to the new capacity.

Here is where I'm having trouble. The system hangs ( hung for 22 hr, constant HDD led light before I turned it off ) when I tried to copy the old A to the new A drive.

According to help file ( F6 ) in the PTVupgrade cd " It has been pointed out that a bug in MFSTools creates a bad partition map when normal MFSTool expansions are done on >137 Gb drives and a boot CD that is not LBA48 aware. This has gone relatively unnoticed due to the fact that under most circumstances, drives created this way still work."

Is there anyway to get around the bad partition map and upgrade these drives while keeping the old recordings ??