TV Tuner Card or Software Causing Problem

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I just recently bought a Sabrent TV-PCIDG card recently to put into a 4 or 5 year old box I had. (XPS 400 w/ Geforce 9800 GT). As a media center, it's worked great so far. I wanted to add the ability to now watch tv on it. I installed the Sabrent card, installed the drivers, and everything seemed to work.

I was getting a signal, was able to time shift, but was wanting to intergrate into the software I'm currently using, MediaPortal. I coulnd't get it to work with any of the tvserver settings. I then tried to use Windows Media Center, but it could only find 1 channel (An HD public access channel). I scanned for the channels the same way with similar settings as I did with the software included with the card,  but no dice.

I admit I am quite a newbie to the whole homebrew DVR setup, so it might be something quite simple. However simple or not, I'm stuck. Any suggestions are welcome!