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Quartararo Claims To Have Learned From Mistakes

It sounds like 2020, but he refuses to remember it. It sounds like a victory, a world title, but he does not want to talk about the title, he has already escaped him a couple of times and he does not want to know anything about being the favorite, despite the fact that he commands and commands well.

The young Frenchman Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha) , who today asked the fashionable ‘rookie’, the Spanish Pedro Acosta (KTM, Moto3) , not to be in the rush he had to get to MotoGP (“it was a mistake to give the I jump so young ”), has arrived in Jerez, the circuit where he achieved the first double of 2020, with the lesson learned, yes, right, leading the championship with 61 points, after his two extraordinary victories in Qatar, already surpassing by 15 points to the Italian ‘Pecco’ Bagnaia (Ducati) and by 20 to theCatalan Maverick Viñales (Yamaha) .

“It is now, with more experience, with more calm, with much more care when I remember my surprising 2019 with seven podiums and a lot of ‘pole positions’ and also, yes, of course, the brutal start of 2020, with two victories here , in Jerez, and then the light went out, months of disaster ”, commented the ‘Diablo’ at the press conference for the Spanish Grand Prix, in Jerez , the fourth race of the season.

“Last year I had huge ups and downs and I learned a lot, a lot, from that situation. We had, remember, motor and electronics problems, yes, but I lost my way and I think that those experiences made me grow and now I am much stronger to face the delicate moments ”.

Thinking only of sunday
Quartararo assured that it is not easy to be the leader of a World Championship in which there are “the best brands with a lot of official bikes and a dozen world champion riders.” “What I am clear about is that now I know how to stay calm. I don’t get angry like before, when I was yelling at myself inside my helmet and then when I got to the box I wasn’t even able to offer good advice to my technicians.

That has changed and I think we are now heading in the right direction. We work for the race, we get everything ready in the warm-up on Sunday morning and then we all decide the race strategy together ”.

Someone asked Quartararo, who has celebrated Cristiano Ronaldo victories, his favorite player and team (Juventus), how he would celebrate his third win, this time in Jerez.

“Well, I am very amused by the curious way Daniel Ricciardo uses, when he fills his cava boot and drinks at the top of the podium.” And the young man who, on Sunday, will race his 37th MotoGP GP in search of his sixth victory in the top category, breaks out laughing, out loud.

A shower of compliments for rookie Pedro Acosta
Normal, right? Pedro Acosta , already known by everyone in the ‘paddock’ of the Motorcycle World Championship as the ‘Mazarrón shark’ , where his father, a fisherman with a small boat, was the attraction of the press conference today. At 16 years old, rookie, rookie and rookie in Moto3, he is the outstanding leader after his last two victories in Portimao and Doha, coming out last, sorry, coming out of the pit lane.

Everyone, everyone, from the very champion Marc Márquez (“what he is doing is spectacular and I hope I will still be in MotoGP when he arrives”) to the current champion Joan Mir (“he has a bright future and can win the title in his first year ”), Everyone, everyone, praised him and asked him to keep his feet on the ground.

He, always so talkative, acknowledged that, minutes before sitting down with the champions at the press conference, “he was very nervous and his ass was tight, tight, so shrunken,” he said, joining his index finger and thumb of his hand right. Needless to say, Acosta thanked “a lot” for all the advice.

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