June 20, 2021

It’s Been 17 Years Since Barça Had Lost Many Points At Camp Nou

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It is clear that the last two trips by Barça in their stadium, in a deserted Camp Nou , have not contributed or, rather, have kept Ronald Koeman’s team away from the possibility of winning a new league title.

It is evident, as recognized not only by the Dutch coach but also by Gerard Piqué, that there are still chances of winning the League because, according to one of the Barça captains, “it will not be easy, as it has become clear in recent days, that everyone is capable of winning every game.”

It is still curious that Piqué does not remember, for example, that among the various teams that have achieved this ‘feat’ this year, winning four games in a row, which are several, many, is Real Madrid, which has done it in three isolated occasions and even, yes, Barça itself, who has achieved it in two different breaks.

But it is no less true that in the two golden opportunities that Barça has had, first to lead against Granada (1-2) and, later, yesterday, to become the first candidate for the title (0-0 against Atlético) has shown, as confirmed by the data, that this is one of the worst seasons at home for the culé team, which, possibly, without having a stadium or an audience that is too hot, vibrant, boisterous, scandalous and that squeezes the rival, It seems to be accusing more than anyone the absence of spectators in this second year of the pandemic.

Horrible numbers
Barça, at the moment, has won only 11 home games against Villarreal, Betis, Osasuna, Levante, Real Sociedad, Athletic, Alavés, Elche, Huesca, Valladolid and Getafe), drawing five against Sevilla, Valencia, Eibar, Cádiz and Atlético and losing two to Real Madrid and Granada. In other words, the Barça team has let 16 points escape at home.

You have to go back to the 2003-04 season, that is, 17 years, when the Barcelona team was led by fellow Dutchman Frank Rijkaard , to find worse numbers at the end of the championship: 10 wins, 6 draws and three defeats, that is to say , 21 points lost at the Camp Nou.

In that championship, Barça finished second, five points behind champion Valencia. Rijkaard’s team scored the same points away (36) as at the Camp Nou (36).

It is evident that Barça, if it loses it, will not have lost this League due to its last two punctures at the Camp Nou, but it is still curious that, in such an irregular campaign at home, the possibility of taking the leadership that it occupied Atlético for 21 days in a row and, yesterday, deal a great blow to the League, it happened playing at the Camp Nou.

Messi’s goals are missing
It goes without saying that Koeman’s Barça has not excelled, no, against their greatest rivals because in the triple Real Madrid-Barça-Atlético confrontation, the meringues add 10 points, the colchoneros 5 and the culés, only 1.

In that In this sense, when analyzing the irregular Barça campaign, Leo Messi, their top star and top scorer, should not be overlooked for 15 years (2005-06 season) who did not close the League without scoring a goal against Real Madrid and Atlético.

Furthermore, it has been 18 years (2002-03 season) that Barça did not close the league championship without winning their two great rivals. In 2002-03 there were three draws and one defeat and, in this 2020-21 League, it was one draw and three defeats.

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