June 20, 2021

Barça Considers UEFA Threat To The Super League Unacceptable

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Faced with UEFA’s threat to Barça for continuing to be linked to the Super League , the Barça club’s response has been overwhelming.

In a long official statement, the board chaired by Joan Laporta considers it “unacceptable” that situations like this are experienced “in a state of law”, in addition to recalling that the founding clubs “have received and continue to receive pressure, threats and offenses to leave the project”. It is the same statement that Madrid and Juventus have also issued , symbolizing the schism that exists in European football.

UEFA has achieved the repentance of nine of the 12 founding clubs (City, United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal), from which it has started a fine in the form of a donation of 15 million euros that will be distributed for football- European base, including the United Kingdom, where the rebellion was aborted. Aleksandr Ceferin , president of the European body, also announced that if any wayward club intends to return to the Super League, they should pay a penalty of 100 million euros.

“Incoherent” posture of the 9 who dropped out
But the three clubs that still resist (Barça, Madrid and Juve) have drawn up a common strategy to keep the Super League alive, aware that it is a basic project for their economic survival. Hence, they replicate UEFA and describe the position of the nine teams that have abandoned it as “incoherent”.

In that first point of the six contained in the triple statement, it is recalled that the courts “have already ruled on the Super League project ordering FIFA and UEFA, categorically, to abstain while the judicial procedure is being processed, directly or through of its affiliated entities, to carry out any action that could penalize the founding clubs or that goes against the Super League, thus recognizing the appearance of good law of said initiative “.

The Barcelona club continues considering that it is “essential” to undertake “structural reforms”

Then, already in the second point, both Barça, Madrid and Juventus insist that the Super League project was created to “provide solutions to the unsustainable situation that the football family is currently going through” due to the serious economic crisis that has accelerated the coronavirus pandemic, so he understands that “it is essential to undertake structural reforms aimed at guaranteeing the sustainability of our sport.”

Laporta defends along with Florentino and Agnelli that this Super League would only be valid if “it was recognized by UEFA and / or FIFA or if, by virtue of the applicable legal system”, but both organizations have refused to establish “adequate communication channels” with the 12 clubs founders.

Football, according to the Barça leadership in its extensive statement, “is affected by a deep crisis that threatens the survival of many clubs.”

The Barça club is, together with Madrid chaired by Florentino Pérez and Juventus , one of the three clubs that have not disengaged from the Super League project, which had the objective of finding immediate liquidity to solve the terrible economic problems that plague the great teams from the continent, in addition to “offering fans around the world the best possible show and increasing global interest in sport, which faces new generational trends that threaten its future.”

Barça, which did not imagine the harshness of UEFA’s reprisals, and neither did Florentino or Agnelli believe, is no stranger, however, to “the diversity of reactions, in very different areas, that the Superliga initiative has produced”, but they also emphasize that they defend the necessary viability of the project.

“We would incur serious irresponsibility if, being aware of the needs and systemic crisis of the football sector, a circumstance that led us to announce the Super League, we abandoned our mission to provide effective and sustainable solutions and answers to the issues that threaten football.”

In that sense, they have denounced the incoherence of their nine initial partners, who gave in to UEFA, even assuming financial penalties. “We deeply regret that our friends and founding partners of the Superliga project are immersed in an incoherent – and inconsistent – position after assuming certain commitments with UEFA yesterday.”

In that long exposition where none of the three leaves the Super League, “despite the unacceptable pressure and threats that we continue to receive from UEFA”, in addition to the three rebels, as Ceferin considers them, the hand to “debate, from due respect, without totally intolerable pressure and with respect for the rule of law, the most appropriate solutions for the sustainability of the entire football family “

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