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Russia Expels 10 US Diplomats After Biden Sanctions

Moscow also opens a blacklist where it will include eight senior US officials in response to the sanctions decreed by Washington.

Despite the current diplomatic crisis, the proposal for a summit between Biden and Putin raised by the White House leader remains.

Russia has begun to respond to the sanctions decreed by the Joe Biden Administration with the expulsion of 10 American diplomats and the forthcoming publication of a black list that will include the names of eight top US officials.

In addition, it has warned Washington that, if the current escalation continues, the presence of its diplomatic personnel in Russian territory will be reduced from 450 to 300 individuals , a figure that is equivalent to the number of Russian state officials working in its open representations in the United States .

For its part, the Kremlin has “strongly” recommended to the US ambassador in Moscow, John Sullivan , that he leave Moscow and return to his country “for consultations”, an unusual measure, inasmuch as it is usually the issuing countries that normally show his displeasure with the Government of a certain country calling for consultations to their representatives there prominent.

Regarding the battery of financial and economic sanctions decreed by the US, which include the prohibition of US institutions from acquiring bonds of Russian state entities denominated in rubles, Moscow, for the moment, reserves the answer that it will propose.

“Unfriendly acts”
According to the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov , President Vladimir Putin has given the green light to these measures “in response to the absolutely unfriendly and gratuitous acts announced by Washington against Russia, our citizens, our natural and legal persons and our system. financial”.

Despite the current diplomatic crisis, the possibility that the two heads of state will have a meeting , as proposed by the leader of the White House to his Russian counterpart during the telephone conversation they had this week, remains, according to the words of the head of Russian diplomacy.

Lavrov has described the initiative as “positive” and has revealed that his Ministry is already studying ” different aspects of it.” For the Russian side, the holding of bilateral summits with the US is an achievement in itself since they constitute a kind of confirmation of its status as a world power .

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