Features Uniquely Available only on Pixel Devices Amongst Android Phones

Features Uniquely Available only on Pixel Devices Amongst Android Phones

The Google Pixel mobile phone series did not really attract imagination or attract that kind of sales like its big-name Android competitors, but Google did first introduce Android features into its Pixel series. These are some of the largest Pixel exclusive products that make it easier for people to buy, and there are obvious benefits of using the new Android software earlier than others. Use Google Assistant to control your calls The Pixel’s call control feature takes advantage of the intelligence of Google Assistant, which will answer calls on your behalf if you wish. After the call is filtered, the caller will hear a message from Google Assistant asking who the caller is and the reason for the call. If the caller does not hang up, the message will be forwarded to you in the transcript.

To enable this feature, open the Google Phone app, tap the three dots in the upper right corner, and select Settings and Spam and Call Screen. You need to open to view caller ID and spam, and then you can tap the call screen to further configure this feature. At the time of writing, this feature is only implemented in the United States, Canada, and Japan. Get app suggestions If you can never decide which apps deserve a place on your home screen, you can let Google Pixel pick some for you. Touch and hold a blank area of ​​the home screen, then select Launch settings and suggestions, and enable suggestions on the home screen (you can also get suggestions in the main app drawer if you want) Suggestions are always displayed on a line at the bottom of the home screen. Right above the search box, but you can replace one or more slots with static shortcuts by dragging the icon down.

Google says that these recommendations are “based on the apps you’ve used recently, apps, and the most commonly used routines”, so that’s why you see what you see. Auto-enable driving mode Another unique feature of Pixel that you don’t have on other Android phones is the ability to automatically switch to Do Not Disturb or Android Auto driving mode when your phone detects that you are moving. This applies to Pixel 3 and higher (on Pixel 2, do not disturb is the only option). This is not a great feature, but it is very convenient. On Pixel 3 and later, under “Settings”, select “Connected Devices”, “Connection Preferences” and “Driving Mode”, and then click “Behavior” “(The options you see later depend on your phone and car).

On the main Android settings screen of Pixel 2, select Sound, Do Not Disturb, and Auto On, then select Add Rule and select Driving. Editing the sky in Google Photos A great editing trick provided by Google Photos is the ability to change the sky in the photo, but not everyone can use all the features. Strictly speaking, this is not unique to Pixel, but it is true. You need a valid Google One subscription on a Pixel phone or non-Pixel device to access these sky filters in Google Photos.

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