Gamers never had a decent portable gaming option before the Steam Deck according to Gabe Newell

Gamers never had a decent portable gaming option before the Steam Deck according to Gabe Newell

Valve announced its portable PC game console earlier this month, and since then interviews and details about the Steam Deck have been steadily circulating. Among them, provided by another IGN interview, are some of the origins of Steam Deck. President and co-founder Gabe Newell said that Deck started out as a “natural conversation” about how Valve will contribute to PC games in the future, and also showed some of the early names on the Deck drawing board.

They first asked how the Newell Steam Deck conversation started. Of course, this is not Valve’s first foray into the hardware field. Our Valve Index review stated that its VR headsets are the gold standard, but previous efforts, such as Steam controllers and Steam machines, have not gained any long-term development in PC games. In view of this, you might think that Valve will be cautious about ongoing hardware work. Not so, Newell said. They are always talking about adding to the entire PC game.

“A lot of times the conversations we’re having internally are about ‘What can we contribute? How are we adding something to the PC gaming community?’,” Newell explains. “So it wasn’t that strange a conversation. We’re always talking about mobile gaming platforms and the tradeoffs we feel exist for ourselves as game players and as game developers.”

In addition, Newell believes that gamers have been looking for important competitors for portable PC games. “I think a lot of gamers have always felt that there’s not a great mobile gaming hardware device out there for us to use,” Newell said, referring to the “proprietary direction” that touch controls are not suitable for FPS games and other handheld devices. equipment.

“It’s like any gamer. Somebody comes along and says ‘here’s actually the kind of gaming experience where you can take the best games in the world and run them in a mobile environment.’ We all have known that forever. If you’d asked gamers 20 years ago they would have been saying the same thing. We’re sort of at the point now where the enabling technologies have advanced and the mobile gaming hardware has reached the point where we can really pull that off.”

As for the other early Steam Deck era, there are naturally other names before Deck wins. “Steam Buddy,” Newell said, and “Steam Pal,” as previously rumored.

“Very early on we had pretty terrifying prototypes so we gave them appropriate names like ‘Ugly Baby’ and things like that,” adds Valve developer Pierre-Loup Griffais. “Those weren’t great. We didn’t go for that, as far as the name goes.”

In the past few weeks, we have learned a lot of other things about the Steam platform. Valve stated that they will not risk using Deck for joystick drift, and it will support the installation of other game stores and game modules. Ubisoft has not brought any new games to Steam in recent years. They said that if the scale of the game is large, they will consider introducing the game to the Steam platform. Pre-orders for these three laptops have been opened on Steam. Different models.

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