Italy Will Start Its Reopening Of Outdoor Activities On 26

Italy Will Start Its Reopening Of Outdoor Activities On 26

Italy will embark on the long-awaited path of reopening on April 26 , with the return of schools and sectors that can be developed outdoors to avoid the virus, such as restaurants, with the intention of making it final.

“If the Italians behave appropriately, and the vaccination campaign continues to work, I have no doubts that the situation will get better and better and the possibility of going back will be very low,” said Prime Minister Mario Draghi at a conference. of press from the Roman Palace Chigi, seat of the Government.

Taking advantage of the recession of the coronavirus and the imminence of the heat, the Government has announced this Friday the “key date” of April 26 as the beginning of a process of “transition” towards the resumption of sectors that remain closed due to anticovid measures .

Currently, a decree established that until April 30, all regions of the country would be classified as medium or high risk of contagion, which especially limited sectors that were already highly affected after a year of pandemic, such as restoration. From April 26, the classification of “yellow zone”, the one with the lowest epidemiological risk, will be recovered and the regions that enter it will be able to raise the blind in their restaurants and bars, for lunch or dinner, as long as it is on air free.

A long-awaited measure that many owners already anticipated, and this Friday, anticipating the omen, in the streets of Rome you could see numerous establishments that placed terraces at their doors.

At the moment, the curfew is maintained from 22:00 local time (20:00 GMT), imposed last November, and as before, the situation in each region will be assessed weekly.

Back to school
Schools have a special place in these resumption plans , which in recent months have brought parents, teachers and students headlong with openings, closings and telematic classes based on the contagion data of each week.

Draghi, who had promised to let the kids finish the course by passing at least one month together in classrooms, announced that in ten days the schoolboys of all courses return to the desk so face in regions of mild and moderate risk.

Those who are in areas of maximum risk, known as “red areas”, will combine face-to-face education with telematics.

“One can look to the future with prudent optimism,” said Draghi, and later pointed out that with these measures his government assumes “a reasonable risk” to benefit the economy and social life.

Calendar for social life
The head of Health, Roberto Speranza, sitting next to the prime minister, explained that a “transition phase” is now beginning with a reopening calendar that will be extended in the summer. From May 15, the swimming pools are expected to return to the open, from June 1 the gyms will be able to offer some activities that have not yet been clarified and from July 1, the fairs.

As for cinemas, theaters and concert halls, they will also return on April 26 in lower-risk areas and will be able to offer performances both outdoors and in closed rooms, but with different capacities, has announced the Minister of Culture, Dario Franceschini.

Under roof, half of the capacity may be occupied (the previous decree provided 25%) up to a maximum of 500 spectators, while the open venues may accommodate up to a thousand people. The public must respect interpersonal distance and wear a mask.

On the other hand, the scientists who advise the Government have left the door open to allow larger cultural shows in the open, after criticism for the organization of a soccer Eurocup match at the Olympic stadium in Rome.

These events must go through specific agreements between the Ministry of Health, the regions and the organizers and will have specific health protocols for each situation.

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