Brazilian Justice Acquits Rousseff In Case Of The Petrobas Refinery

Brazilian Justice Acquits Rousseff In Case Of The Petrobas Refinery

Brazilian justice acquits Rousseff in the case of the Petrobas refinery. The former president of Brazil was charged with the irregularities detected in the purchase by the state company of another US hydrocarbon company.

The Court of Accounts (TCU) of Brazil has acquitted former President Dilma Rousseff of the case of irregularities in the purchase of the Pasadena refinery, in the US state of Texas, by the Brazilian oil company Petrobas . In the same decision, the TCU has found the former president of the state company , José Sergio Gabrielli, and six other people guilty of the irregularities , according to the Brazilian media ‘G1’.

In 2006, Petrobas, on whose Board of Directors was Rousseff, then Minister of the Presidency of the Government of Luiz Inacio ‘Lula’ da Silva , acquired the refinery paying an amount eight times greater than that paid by the previous owner of the same.

In the framework of this case, in 2014 the TCU had already acquitted the former president and held Gabrielli and other former directors of the oil company responsible, although the decision adopted this Wednesday is the conclusion of another 2017 process in which it was determined that the Former members of the board of directors of the state company were responsible for the purchase and damage to it.

Corruption plot
The purchase of the refinery, investigated within the ‘Lava Jato’ operation, was always surrounded by controversy and has been one of the mainstays of the corruption scheme at Petrobras. When it was bought in 2006, Petrobras paid $ 350 million (about € 292 million) for half the refinery, a much higher value than the Belgian company Astra Oil paid just a year earlier for the entire refinery, 42, 5 million dollars (about 35.4 million euros).

In 2012, in the Rousseff government, Petrobras was forced to buy the other half of the refinery as it was foreseen in the contract, paying 820 million dollars (about 684.6 million euros)

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