Score Of Dead In Collision Of A Bus And Truck In Egypt

Score Of Dead In Collision Of A Bus And Truck In Egypt

A score of dead in the collision of a bus and a truck in Egypt. The coach was burned and it has been very difficult to get the passengers out.

Egypt is experiencing a wave of rail and traffic accidents in recent months.

The Egyptian Ministry of Health has confirmed that 20 people have died and three have been injured in an accident involving a bus and a truck . The events took place on a desert road in Upper Egypt , in the center of the country.

The bus, coming from the capital, Cairo , hit a truck loaded with cement that was stopped due to a breakdown in the Assiut province , about 370 kilometers south of the capital, the provincial governor’s office reported in a release. The coach was burned after the crash and it was very difficult to remove the bodies and the wounded, he added. Up to 36 ambulances have attended the scene .

The poor condition of roads and reckless driving are responsible for the high number of accidents that occur in Egypt. In recent months there has been a wave of rail and traffic accidents that have left dozens of deaths.

In March, 18 people were killed in another collision between a truck and a minibus in Giza province , about 80 kilometers south of Cairo. In addition, around 20 people were killed and nearly 200 injured when two trains collided near Tahta , about 440 kilometers south of Cairo.

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