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Iran Claims New Nuclear Steps Are In Response To Evil Of Israel

Following the alleged Israeli attack on the Natanz nuclear plant, Tehran announces that it will enrich uranium to 60% closer to the atomic bomb. While the United States and Iran resume talks in Vienna, the Hebrew State shows its fierce opposition to the lifting of sanctions.

Escalation in the shadow war between Israel and Iran . The two great powers of the Middle East have increased their indirect confrontations in recent days. Iranian President Hasan Rohani has claimed that the decision to raise enrichment uranium production to 60% is “the answer to its evil”, referring to the recent attack on a nuclear plant attributed to Israel. As the United States and Iran get closer in talks in Vienna to retake the nuclear pact , the Hebrew state shows its fierce opposition.

“What they have done is called nuclear terrorism, what we do is legal, ” said President Rohani at a meeting of the Council of Ministers. Iran accuses Israel of having sabotaged the Natanz uranium enrichment plant in the center of the country, although the Hebrew state has neither confirmed nor denied the allegations.

Two days after the accident classified as nuclear attack, sabotage and terrorism by the Hebrew state, Iran announced on Tuesday its intention to enrich uranium to 60% starting “next week.”

In turn, the day after Iran’s accusation, an Israeli ship was attacked off the coasts of the United Arab Emirates without leaving any injuries. Pending official confirmation, all indications point to the Iranian intelligence service. In recent months, much of the battle between the two powerful powers has been played out at sea with attacks on large Iranian and Israeli vessels in international waters.

Closer to the atomic bomb
Iran’s 60% uranium enrichment has set off alarms in the international community . Until now, it had reached 20%. Every time the Persian country is closer to the level of 80% -90% necessary to be able to create an atomic bomb. The Islamic Republic has always denied wanting to equip itself with a nuclear weapon on the grounds that its morals and religion prohibit it .

“You wanted to empty our hands during the talks but our hands are busy, ” said Rohani after announcing the installation of new centrifuges that enrich uranium more quickly. The indirect dialogue that is taking place in Vienna between US and Iranian delegations augurs the end of the blockade between the two countries.

The unilateral withdrawal from Trump of the nuclear pact and the imposition of tough sanctions caused the break in 2018. Until then, Iran had respected the limit uranium enrichment to 3.6% . But when the previous US president abandoned the pact, the Iranians began to increase it.

“I believe that this round of negotiations is the moment for the United States to present a list of sanctions that it intends to lift,” insisted Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi in Vienna. “I hope I can go back to Tehran with this list; if not, I don’t think we can continue like this.

This is a waste of time,” the official added after talks with European diplomats. The tug of war between the two delegations is a first step towards getting closer after three years without dialogue .

Diplomatic game
The diplomatic game between the two powers still has a long way to go, but the parties involved speak of ” satisfactory ” results after an intense last week. In Israel, Netanyahu has also spoken during a visit by the Secretary of Defense of the United States, Lloyd Austin. ” I will never allow Iran to gain the nuclear capability to carry out its genocidal goal of eliminating Israel,” the Israeli prime minister has stated.

“In the Middle East there is no more serious , more dangerous, more urgent threat than that posed by the fanatical Iranian regime,” the president repeated. In this conflict based eye for an eye , nobody really just scratched. A war between the two powers would have catastrophic consequences , and they both know it.

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