June 17, 2021

Helen McCrory Dies At 52

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It may be a bit absurd to say it now, because she had been working for almost 30 years, but cancer has taken actress Helen McCrory in the prime of her career . He was 52 years old and had made his debut in 1993 in some British series, but in the last decade he had established himself as an active presence in both film and television.

Perhaps her most resounding role, possibly for which she will be remembered, is that of Aunt Polly from ‘Peaky Blinders’ , an absolutely essential role in this saga about English gangsters of the second decade of the 20th century.

“It breaks my heart to announce that, after a heroic battle against cancer, my beautiful wife Helen McCrory died peacefully at home, sheltered by the love of her friends and her family,” her husband, also an actor, has communicated on Twitter. Damian Lewis . “He died as he lived. Without fear. We have loved her and we know how lucky we were to have her in our lives,” he added.

In the cinema he made his debut in a film shot in Barcelona in 1994, ‘La tabla de Flandes’, and had not particularly decisive roles in titles such as ‘Interview with the vampire’. The decade of the 90s was not the best for her career, still stammering, but the next one began to consecrate her as one of those presences that apparently do not stand out in any film, but, if they disappear, their absence is noticeable.

In 2005 she was Casanova’s mother in the film about Heath Ledger’s Venetian lover. A year later she had her first real major role in ‘The Queen’, Stephen Frears’ biopic on Elizabeth II, in which McCrory played Cherie Blair, the wife of then British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Four years later, McCrory and Martin Sheen repeated as the Blair marriage in the telefilm ‘The special relationship’ – focused on Blair’s relations with US President Bill Clinton – and in 2015 they played another queen, Elizabeth I, in a comedy about young William Shakespeare titled ‘Bill’.

‘Harry Potter’ universe
In 2007 she married actor Damian Lewis, the marine tortured by Iraqi forces and turned into an Islamic terrorist in the first seasons of the series ‘Homeland’. In that same year he had his first leading role in a television version of ‘Frankenstein’, in which the creator of the creature is a doctor and not a doctor.

And in 2009 he entered the Harry Potter universe on the right foot by playing the character in the last three films of the series – ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’ and the two parts of ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’. of Narcissa Malfoy, Draco’s mother witch and Lucius’ wife.

‘Peaky Blinders’: a lesson in British history
From saga to saga, McCroy incorporated the Minister of the Interior in the James Bond film ‘Skyfall’, being remembered for her confrontation with M, the head of MI6 played by Judi Dench: the misogynist 007 (Daniel Craig for the occasion) debating between the decisions of two women of strong character.

She was also the medium Madame Kali, under the command of JA Bayona and other directors, in the joyous ‘Penny Dreadful’, a series in which Frankenstein, Dorian Gray, a vampire and an African explorer similar to Allan Quatermain coexist.

The unbeatable gallery of ‘Peaky Blinders’ villains
In the last seven years he has combined theater and television, highlighting the strength and power of his character in ‘Peaky Blinders’, the one who puts logic in the Birmingham family of criminals. His last assignment would be to give voice to Stelmaria, the leopard-demon of the snows of ‘The dark matter’.

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