One Day Of International Military Spending Is Enough To Save 34 Million People

One Day Of International Military Spending Is Enough To Save 34 Million People

The crossing of economic sanctions and the conflict on the border with Ukraine strain the relationship between the two powers. The White House and the Kremlin negotiate a possible bilateral summit in which Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin meet.

The ambassador of the United States in Russia , John Sullivan has announced that this week he will return to his country to “see” some issues of the relationship between the two countries with the new US government. “I think it is important to speak directly with my new colleagues in the Biden Administration in Washington about the current state of bilateral relations ,” the diplomat said through his spokesman.

Relations between the two powers are not going through their best moment due to a major crossing of sanctions and the escalation of tension that is currently taking place on the border with Ukraine . Already last week, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov “recommended” last Friday to Sullivan that he return to his country to carry out the necessary consultations.

On March 17, the Kremlin also called its ambassador in Washington, Anatoly Antonov, to ask him to fly to his country for a series of “consultations.” The diplomat is currently on Russian soil. All this to find out where the relationship between the two countries is , especially after President Biden described Vladimir Putin as a “murderer . ”

Possible summit
A series of talks began a week ago in which the possibility of holding a meeting between the US president and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, is being considered . The summit would have been proposed by Biden and Russia has left the door open for it to be held. According to Moscow, this summit on neutral ground is “under study.”

In any case, Sullivan has already reported that “he will return to Moscow in the coming weeks, before any meeting between Presidents Biden and Putin.” The National Security Advisers of both countries, Jake Sullivan and Nikolai PátrushevThey respectively spoke by phone on Monday about the possible bilateral summit .

Tension between the two countries has soared as a result of disagreements over Ukraine , the arrest of Russian opponent Alekséi Navalny and accusations of espionage , electoral interference and cyberattacks that have been attributed to Moscow.

Already last Thursday, Washington took a series of restrictive measures against Russia, including the expulsion of ten Russian diplomats and restrictions on the purchase of Russian debt.for US banks. In response, Moscow also expelled ten US diplomats threatening funds and NGOs financed by Washington and prohibiting various members of Joe Biden’s government from entering the country.

The rapprochements that are taking place in recent days are mainly due to cooperation between the two powers in nuclear disarmament and the fight against climate change . In fact, the Russian leader is scheduled to participate this Thursday in the virtual summit on the climate organized by the US president .

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