The President Of Chad Dies Just After Being Reelected

The President Of Chad Dies Just After Being Reelected

Déby had been wounded on the front lines fighting the northern rebels. The president had been in power for 30 years and had played a fundamental role in the fight against Islamic terrorism.

“The President of the Republic , Head of State and Head of the Armed Forces, Idriss Déby Itno , has just expired, defending territorial integrity on the battlefield . It is with great bitterness that we announce to the Chadian people his death , on April 20, 2021 “, announced the spokesman, General Azem Bermandoa Agouna , reading a statement on television. For now the specific causes of his death are unknown , but all the information points to the injuries on the front as the reason for his death.

The army spokesman has been surrounded during the reading of the communiqué by a group of military officers whom he referred to as the National Transitional Council .

“The National Transitional Council assures the Chadian people that all measures have been taken to guarantee peace, security and republican order , ” he explained while asking his fellow citizens to maintain dialogue and peace to “continue building Chad together “.

The president was visiting the troops in the front line of combat last weekend when a rebel offensive in the north of the country caused him tremendous injuries. Déby’s campaign said Monday that he had headed to the front to join forces fighting against ” terrorists .” Rebels based on Libya’s northern border attacked a border post on election day and managed to advance hundreds of kilometers south through the desert.

His coming to power
This Monday, the country’s electoral commission had confirmed Déby’s victory in the April 11 presidential elections, in which he obtained a s exto mandate as head of the African country with about 80% of the votes, amid the call for a boycott. from the opposition for the repression and the elimination of candidacies .

The president came to power in 1990 after a coup against the dictator Hissène Habré . Since then he had won all the elections that have been held in the country and had become one of the longest-lived leaders of the continent.

The Western countries have seen Déby as an ally in the fight against Islamist extremist groups such as Boko Haram in the basin of Lake Chad and groups linked to the Qaeda and the Islamic State in the Sahel. Déby also had to deal with growing public discontent over his management of Chad’s oil wealth and the repression of opponents .

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