Reporters Without Borders Denounces Governments Used Pandemic To Tie Up Journalism

Reporters Without Borders Denounces Governments Used Pandemic To Tie Up Journalism

Reporters Without Borders denounces that many governments use the pandemic to tie up journalism. Information practice is totally or partially blocked in 73% of 180 countries analyzed.

The coronavirus pandemic has been the perfect excuse for governments not very prone to press freedom . “Due to -or under the pretext- of the health crisis, journalists are facing a closure of access both to coverage on the ground and to sources of information”, collects the World Classification of Press Freedom prepared by Reporters Without Borders (RSF) , which analyzes the “informative health” of 180 countries in the world.

In 73%, journalism is totally or partially blocked. The Nordic countries , led by Norway, Finland and Sweden , are in excellent health against the dying Eritreaand North Korea . Spain does not move from position 29.

The indicators that measure the restrictions on access to information and the impediments to current coverage have registered a “palpable deterioration” , in the words of Alfonso Armada , president of the Spanish section of the organization , who warns that “the best vaccine against misinformation is journalism.

” The growing hatred of the journalist , translated into attacks of varying intensity, is another issue that worries RSF. In this sense, Armada has highlighted the case of Germany, which has left the group of countries with better conditions to practice precisely because of the increase in attacks on professionals in the course of coverage of acts called by COVID deniers.

Spain is not getting rid of the phenomenon either, as has been seen in the coverage of the Catalan political crisis or in campaign events by Vox’s far- rightists .

From Bolsonaro to Maduro
Reporters Without Borders highlights that presidents such as Bolsonaro in Brazil , who has dropped four points in the table (111), and Maduro in Venezuela (148) have promoted drugs against the covid whose effectiveness has never been proven and have promoted insult and the stigmatization of journalists who question the official version.

Iran (174) and Egypt (166) have multiplied sentences to journalists to minimize the numbers of the covid. China (177) continues to reach unprecedented levels of censorship, surveillance and propaganda on the internet.

Although it has dropped two points, the situation of press freedom in Germany is still quite good, as in the case of the United States , despite the fact that attacks on informants (400) and arrests increased in the last Trump term. (130). By region, Europe and America continue to be the continents most prone to press freedom, although Latin America is the one that shows the greatest wear and tear.

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